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Written way back in the Autumn of 2007 and still a staple of the band's live set.


Oh, Snowdrift,
My mood shifts when the weather breaks,
We could be together for as long as it takes
I know.

And headlights, for miles in the distance,
All night, I'm driving like a businessman:
I've got nothing in the briefcase,
But there's a life in my hands

And it's yours,
So precious and pure,
And I've never been surer
About being so sure,
Now I know what I'm working for.

And if you wait for me,
Then it will be like Paris after the war,
We'll drink our Coca-Colas
And we'll listen to General De Gaulle
Like we never knew love
And we never knew loss before.

Oh, can you trust this?
I'm just a writer with a nom de guerre,
I was only working for a better share of your heart.
Our lips meet; can you taste my sickness?
Oh, I'm weak but I love you just as best as I can.
I've got nothing in the diary; baby let's make plans.

Some people say that I worry too much,
Some people say that I worry too much,
Everybody tells me that I worry too much
But I've got this feeling I don't worry enough...


from Our Wings are Fluttering in the Nest, released August 20, 2009
Words and music - M. Docherty

Vocals, guitar, harmonica - M. Docherty
Vocals - J. Wood
Guitar - M. Owen
Drums - A. Watson
Piano - W. Harris
Mandolin - A. Lancelyn-Green
Harp - D.R. Jones
Bass - H. Naish
Trumpet - J. Phillips




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